The mission of its management team is to impart to Humania brokers the know-how essential to the development of their skills and abilities, in a human, transparent and professional environment, so that they can excel in their real estate brokerage career.

Including 3 directors and an innovative integration, training, mentoring and coaching program.

All skillful yet non-competing members share the same main goal, which is to stretch your potential to the limit through the best welcome, integration, training and coaching program in the industry.

Our reality is to develop and bring together the best real estate brokers in Quebec. In November 2018, Royal LePage Humania settled in Laval and operated under the name of Royal LePage Humania Center. So far, Royal LePage Humania and Humania Center brings together over 300 professional brokers in 9 corporate offices in Laval, Lachute, Mirabel, Sainte-Thérèse, Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Sauveur, Sainte-Adèle, Sainte-Agathe, Mont-Tremblant and 4 satellite offices in Prévost, Rivière-Rouge, Saint-Donat and Val-David.

Christian Bouvrette

Director / Owner

In 2009, Christian joined Royal LePage Humania as Managing Director. With thirty years of experience in business, mainly in finance and marketing, Christian brings his passion for business development in the real estate sector, particularly in the evolution of the business model and in the commercial sector. As a seasoned manager, he ensures the growth and development of human capital to support brokers in achieving success.

Why choose Royal LePage Humania?

“It’s a reliable banner with an excellent business center that offers many well-developed services for brokers. We listen to their needs in order to help them perform and succeed. Our team, operating in eight offices, is constantly on the lookout to serve our brokers and their clients”.

Marie-Noel Mailloux

Certified Real Estate Broker

Marie-Noel is approachable, positive and smiling. She is known for her open-mindedness, dynamism and ability to bring people together. She has had the opportunity to supervise various teams throughout her career. After studying modern languages at McGill University, she went into aviation, which enabled her to travel the world and learn about different customs and cultures. Her interest in the world of real estate/construction/decoration led her to choose this field in 2002. This enabled her to combine her passions while being more available for her family.

In 2008, she obtained her Chartered Real Estate Broker’s licence, with a view to deepening her knowledge and broadening her horizons. At the same time, she also worked in construction for a few years, guiding customers from the purchase of land, to the development of their plans, right through to project completion. In short, she goes beyond expectations to find solutions and support her team of brokers…

Why choose Royal Lepage Humania?

For the banner’s ‘human’ values, its mission to be the best for customer satisfaction, for respect among all and for encouraged collaboration. The management team is at the service of brokers, and the 9 business locations offer a wide range of possibilities.

Robert St-Denis


With experience in the real estate field since 1998 and now a certified real estate broker DA, Robert has acquired the skills to lead and support the many courtiers to become professionals in the field. His many years of supporting buyers and sellers as well as the valuable collaboration between courtiers and agencies have thus given him the most advantageous expertise.

He knows perfectly well the daily life of the 80 or so brokers he now leads in the Laval office. He was a member of the advisory board of Royal Lepage Québec and is currently an OACIQ exam preparation trainer. Robert has the baggage to guide today’s courtier to the next level.

“Why choose Royal LePage Humania”

Royal Lepage Humania focuses primarily on customer satisfaction, hence its slogan “beyond a transaction, a relationship”. The real estate agency is supposed to be a family and a team woven through its 9 places of business. Respect, integrity, transparency, honesty, collaboration, support and mutual aid are some of the priorities that distinguish Royal Lepage Humania. Its mission is clear, to improve the quality of life of Quebecers.

Fondation un toit pour tous Prize of the Year 2022

François Léger Royal LePage Prize of the Year 2022

Recruiter of the year 2020

MOMENTUM Prize 2018

AE LePage Agency Prize of the Year 2018

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